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Obedience Training

Piney Creek Kennel offers two types of obedience training options for our clients.  The first choice is the development of individual obedience training program in which I meet with the client once or twice per week -- for the majority of our clients this is our recommendation.  The second choice is the development of an obedience training program in which I board and train the dog for the first stages of training.

Our goal in training is to help our clients develop individualized obedience training programs with the goal of assisting the owners to learn the correct way to make the pet a pleasure for the family. I also teach the owners' signs to watch for that could indicate a possible health problem. I believe in involving the owners in every step of the training process, as this allows trust and respect to develop between the pet and owner. My job is to help you train your pet to suit your needs. When training begins, I will spend more time working with the owner than with the dog. I do this to insure that the owner fully understands the purpose of each training step. It's always easier to correct mistakes before they start. I believe in training the owner to read their pet, so that the training process does not end in a few weeks, but continues for the lifetime of the dog. A good pet and owner relationship should last the lifetime of the dog, and behavior problems can arise in any new situation. Therefore, I am trying to equip the owner with the knowledge to be able to correct the problem immediately. For the training sessions, you will need to wear loose comfortable clothes and shoes that you can move in easily. The dog will also need a proper equipment which will be discussed in more detail depending on your training goals. If the dog has a crate, I encourage you to bring it to the training sessions along with a favorite toy and treats.

During individual obedience training programs, I normally see the owners' one or two nights a week for six to eight weeks, depending on the dog's progress. I recommend setting up a schedule and meet at the same time each week, if possible. However, I am willing to work with the owners if this is not convenient. I also prefer not to meet at the dog's home. On the basis of experience, the training process goes smoother if the animal is initially exposed to the training away from its home territory. The basic actions I normally work on with the owner and dog are: come, sit, lay, stand, stay, heel, no, kennel, and a release/play command. These commands can be presented to the dog by various methods, such as voice, hand signals, or whistle. Any other obedience commands can be easily added to the above list at the owner's discretion. However, once a command has been started with the dog, it should remain the same. Therefore, I highly recommend that everyone who will be around the dog be involved in deciding what word to use for which action. It is very important for everyone working with the dog be consistent when giving commands. So take the time before our first session and decide on the commands you wish to use. Remember you can use any word that you want, even non-sense, for an action.

There are several important points that it is important for the owner to remember during the training process. First of all, training does not occur overnight. It requires patience, time, and commitment. The training process will continue throughout the dogs lifetime. Second, consistency is very important. Once a command is started, that command must be used and enforced. Never give a command you are not in the position to enforce. Last of all, the dog must be worked every day even if it's just for 5 minutes. You are now on your way to making your dog an enjoyable member of the family.

Puppy Classes are also offered periodically.  Please email me for more information for either the obedience training or puppy classes.

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Last updated: 27 December, 2005