10th Annual Search Dog Training Weekend

The 10th Annual Search Dog Training Weekend was held in Pope County, Arkansas the weekend of May 15-18, 2009 .  Base camp for the weekend was at Camp Caudle located in Scottsville, Arkansas.  The terrain in the area provided opportunities to train on a variety of obstacles including Big Piney Creek, Illiniois Bayou, numerous other small creeks & streams, the Ozark National Forest, and urban areas.

A total of 24 teams attended the weekend from Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma.  Most of the teams attending the weekend are volunteers who donate their time and money to serve their communities to search for missing or lost persons and in some cases assist with criminal man-hunts.  K-9 teams attending the weekend are deployed by the law enforcement agency having jurisdicition over the report.  Search teams have to be prepared to search in all types of terrain in any weather conditions.  All disciplines of search dogs were represented during the weekend including trailing dogs, tracking dogs, area search dogs, and cross trained dogs.

Handlers attending the weekend received training in scent theory, K-9 emergency first aid, scent article collection, scene evaluation, and incident command management & use of search canines along with other topics.  Along with the classroom work handlers participanted in intenstive field training each day throughout the weekend.  The weekend conculded Monday morning with a mock search exercise in which all disciplines came together to find their victims.

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